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Warranty Policy

5 Year Frame Warranty


We offer a 5-year warranty that covers any defects in materials and workmanship for the frame and suspension linkages of your Outer bicycle. This warranty is exclusively applicable to the original owner and is not transferable.

 This warranty does not cover the following:


Improper Maintenance: This warranty does not cover damage resulting from neglect or improper maintenance.

Installation of Non-Compatible Components: Warranty is void if components, parts, or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with the bicycle as sold are installed.

Accidental Damage and Neglect: Any damage or failure caused by accidents, neglect, misuse, or abuse is not covered by this warranty.

Labour Charges Excluded: This warranty does not include coverage for labour charges associated with part replacement or changeover.

Non-Proprietary Products: Products not proprietary to the original manufacturer, including other original parts or components, are not covered by this warranty.

Corrosion Exclusion: Damage caused by corrosion is not within the scope of this warranty.

Improper Assembly: Warranty coverage is void if the bicycle has been improperly assembled.

Normal Wear and Tear: This warranty does not extend to cover the natural wear and tear of components over time.


Components Warranty

Components are covered by the manufacturer of each specific component and warranty periods may vary. 

Shimano E-bike components are covered for a period of 2 year from purchase. Click here for more info




Outer Cycles Pty Ltd would like to emphasize that the use of our products involves inherent risks. By choosing to use our bicycles, you acknowledge and accept that cycling, like any physical activity, comes with potential dangers. While we strive to ensure the quality and safety of our products, Outer Cycles Pty Ltd shall not be held liable for any injuries, fatalities, or property damage that may result from the use of our products, including injuries or death caused by the failure of the product. It is important to exercise caution, adhere to local traffic regulations, wear appropriate safety gear and ensure proper maintenance of your bicycle. By purchasing and using our products, you agree that Outer Cycles Pty Ltd is not responsible for any consequences arising from accidents, mishaps, or misuse of our bicycles. Your decision to use our products is voluntary, and you assume all risks associated with their use. If you do not agree with these terms, we advise refraining from using our products.

For any questions or concerns about your Outer Cycles bike, feel free to contact us:

Email: info@outercycles.com

Phone: +27 21 286 2352

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